Hong Kong College of Engineering-Registered & Enrolled Lecturers (updated 14 February 2018)

  • “*”=Approved as Registered Lecturer/Tutor by some universities or EDEXCEL/BTEC
  • Lecturers Statistics:

BSc/BEng degree=100%,

MSc/MEng degree=80%,


CEng or equivalent=80%,

Professional Membership in trade=90%

  • Registered Lecturers= HKCE qualified & trained lecturers with updated CPD training skills
  • Enrolled Lecturers= Teaching by experience or via some other means

Academic Advisory Committee

* Dr Irwin P Kwan , BSc (Engg), DBA, CDCFM CEng, PCEng, FCIBSE, FHKIFE, FIDCE, RPE (BS, ME, Fire, BE)

*Mr. Chan K K, BEng, MBA, MSc, FHKICE, FHKIConstE, MIEE ~ major in Mechanical/ DC 


(A) Principal Lecturers

* Dr Irwin P Kwan, BSc (Engg), DBA, CDCFM CEng, PCEng, FCIBSE, FHKIFE, FIDCE, RPE (BS, ME, Fire, BE)

Management, Building and Business.

*Mr. Chan K K, BEng, MBA, MSc, FHKICE, FHKIConstE, MIEE ~ major in Mechanical/ DC

(B) Senior Lecturers

  1. Ir K F Chow, BSc (Eng), MBA, JD, PCLL, MHKIE, MIEE, MCABE, C.Build E., CEng, Barrister-at-Law
  2. Sr D Li – BSc (Hons), MBA, MHKIS, RPS, MRICS, FHKICM, MCIOB MHKICW ~ major in building, civil, construction technology, project management, procurement, material, building control , surveying and group project Discipline
  3. KP Due, MHKIE, CEng, FMHKIFE, MSc, BSc ~ major in Civil Engineering
  4. M Chan, BSc, MSc, MBA, MIEE, CEng, MHKIE ~ major in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration
  5. T Li, BSc(Hons), MRICS, MHKIS, RPS ~ major in QS Discipline
  6. Dr. P Li, PhD, BEng (Hons) ~ major in M&E Discipline

(C) Lecturers

  1. Ir. D So, BEng, MSc, CEng, RPE (CVL & STL), MHKIE (CVL, STL & GEL), MICE, MIStructE ~ major in Civil and Geotechnical Engineering
  2. Ir Cr P Tse, BEng(Hons), MSc, MBA(Executive), CEng, MHKIE, MICE, MHKICM, R.P.E., R.C.M., AHKIArb. ~ major in Civil & Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Project Management & Contract Management Disciplines
  3. Ir Sin K W , BEng (Hons), REW C0 and H0 ~ major in Electrical/ DC
  4. Ir Leung H F, MSc, BEng, REW (C0, H0) ~ major in Electrical
  5. Ir P Tang, BSc, MScFM, MASHRAE ~ major in M&E
  6. Ir P Chung, BSc (Hons), MIET, MASHRAE ~ major in M&E Discipline)
  8. Stanley C. F. Ho, BSc(Hons)/ProDip, AD/HD, C&GT4, OC/HC, Certs, IEng MBCS MIET MHKCS FIDCE AMHKIE, Security Categories A, B, D
  9. A Chau, BEng (Hons), MEng, CEng, MHKIE, MIMechE, MCIBSE, RPE
  10.  I. Fung, BEng (Hons), CEng IMechE
  11. P Shum, BEng (Hons), BSc, MSc, CEng SOE
  12. Sr F. Cheung, BSc (Hons), RICS, HKIS, HKGBC, HKMC
  13. Ir G. Lau, BEng (Hons), MSc (Eng), CEng MICE, RPE MHKIE
  14. Ir S. Kwok, BEng, MSc, MIStructE
  15. Ir C. Fong, BEng (Hons), MSc, RPE (BSS), MHKIE, CEng of CIBSE
  16. Ir S. Kwok, BEng (Hons), MSc, Member of Institute of Structural Engineer
  17. Ir G. Lau, BEng (Hons), MSc, MICE, MHKIE

(D) Reserved Lecturers

  1. EurIng. Wong A, MSc, CEng, CEnv, RPE, FASCE, MHKIE, MCIOB ~ major in Civil Engineering/ Structure
  2. Dr. Cheung W L, BSc, MSc, PhD, CEng, PEng, MHKIE, MIEE ~ major in Electrical/ IT/ IB.
  3.  Mr. K So, PCLL, LL.B (Hon), B. Sc (Hon) Building, M. Sc (Hon) Construction Management, MHKIE (Building), MCIOB (UK), MAIB, HKSAR Registered Professional Engineer, Registered Lead Auditor with IRCA/ CNAT Cert. (ISO 14001 in Construction) ~ law related subject, project management or procurement.
  5. Mr. Lee W W, MSc, CEng, MCIBSE, MIFireE, MIP, MASHRAE, LP ~ major in Fire & Pipe
  6. Ir. G Chung L T, BEng, MSc, AP(List II) , RSE 1RSE-PRC, CEng, RPE, MHKIE, MICE, MIStructE ~ major in Civil & Structure
  7. Miss Hung M W, BSc, MHousMan, RPHM, MCIH, MHKIH, MISCM, PRC License ~ major in Property
  8. Mr. Lau E, BA, MBA. ~ major in Business
  9. Dr. WK Wu, DBA, MBA, CEng, RPE, MCIBSE, FCIOB, MRICS, MHKIS ~ major in M&E
  10. Ir. M Cheng, MSc, BEng(Hons), CEng, MIMechE, MHKIE ~ major in Mechanical
  11. Mr. G Kun, MSc, MBA, RPHM, RSO, MCIH, MIET, MIFireE, REW (C0H0) ~ major in Electrical & Fire
  12. Mr W Yung, BEng (Hons), MPhil, PCEd, MHKIMI ~ major in EE Discipline
  13. Ir. HL Chan, BSc, MSc, Postgraduate Certiicate, MCIOB (Chartered Construction Manager), MHKICM, RCM, HKIPM, MCABE, C.Build E. ~ major in construction management