Data Centre Engineers

The Institution of Data Centre Engineers, often known as “IDCE” was established in 2010 by a group of data centre (DC) engineers who are engaged in the data centre design, construction, operation & maintenance and management. We are a non-profitable professional organization. Our aims are to provide supporting to others, enhance our members’ professionalism and knowledge by our professional knowledge and practical experience.

The objectives for which IDCE were established as follows:

To extend and exchange among members knowledge, technology, information, experience and findings in the practice of engineering and the development of data centre engineering technology;
To promote the efficiency and usefulness of the service:And the standard of professional conduct by its members;
To promote high standards of expertise and professionalism in the practice of data centre design, construction, operation & maintenance and Management, for the benefit of those members of the general public who have need to avail themselves of the data centre services of engineers.
To promote the development of inventions and improvements in the practice of engineering and to disseminate information on matters affecting the practice of engineering so as to bring the results of research and considerations of good practice into the public domain.
To promote improvements in the law relating to matters of data centre design, construction, maintenance and engineering practices so that members of the public may be better able to rely on the highest standards of advice and practice in those who purport to be professional engineers.

IDCE provides a platform to the experienced engineers, who wish to avail themselves of the services of engineers and reward to the society. It has registered a special title “Certified Data Centre Engineers CDCE” to recognize the professionalism of the holding members.

IDCE is a Professional Registration Body for Data Centre Engineers in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and APAC other countries. We work in Data Centre Engineering and Management.

The Organization

IDCE has formed an Executive Committee (EC) to control and overlook all programmes. The EC shall be responsible for all the day-to-day administration matters of the institution. The EC shall prepare the business plan, event, training courses and/or prepare the annual report for Annual General Meeting (AGM) to the Institution.

The term of service of the EC members shall be three session years. The EC members will be elected by poll vote at the AGM. The members of present Executive Committee are as the following:

Chairman: Dr. Peter C W Kwan
Vice Chairman: Mr. W Chan, BEng, MBA, MSc, FHKICE, FHKIFE, FIDCE, MIET

Other than the Executive Committee members, there are Honorable Fellow/Members who also will provide consultancy support to EC members for important decisions. The term of service of the Honorable Fellow Members will be for lifetime.

Benefit for members

Institution of Data Centre Engineers (IDCE) is an organisation of professionals striving to serve Hong Kong in narrowing the digital divide amongst the less privileged groups and for the betterment of data center professionals. If you share our vision, come to join us …

All members will have the following benefits:

  1. Discount benefit in attending training courses organized by the IDCE or other partners (subject to final decision of IDCE).
  2. Free to borrow books, collections of documents, papers, records,
    Journals and other materials from the library of The IDCE;
  3. Free to receive newsletters of IDCE.
  4. —Free for technical support from other members
  5. Jobs and contracts referral services

Designation of Membership

Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, the following members of the Institution may use the following abbreviation as their respective designations:榮譽資深會員Honorary Fellows  (FIDCE (Hon));

Honorary Fellows (FIDCE (Hon));
Fellows (FIDCE);
Members (MIDCE);
Associates (AIDCE);
Graduates (GIDCE); and
Students (SIDCE)

Qualification of Members


The following are acceptable qualifications for registration as Corporate Membership; all corporate members must pass the interview and be elected by EC:

Honorary Fellows (FIDCE (Hon)):

An Honorary Fellow shall be any person has substantial contributions to the activities of Institution who is invited by the Executive Committee in writing, and is willing, to become a member of the Institution.

Fellows (FIDCE):  Certified Data Centre Engineer (CDCE)

Holding of recognized university engineering degree or equivalent plus a master degree plus 15 years working experience, out of which at least 5 years must have held a position as a senior engineer, project/construction manager or director or equivalent. Relevant senior chartered/professional engineers will also be accepted (e.g. CEng, EurIng, RPE).

Members (MIDCE):  Certified Data Centre Engineer (CDCE)

Holding of recognized higher national diploma/Certificate or an university engineering degree or equivalent plus 10 years working experience, out of which at least 3 years must have held a position as an engineer, manager or equivalent or such other qualifications specially approved by the Executive Committee.  Relevant Chartered / Professional Engineers are welcomed (e.g. IEng, PEng.).
Other than the Corporate Membership, IFE committed themselves to provide chance for training up as professional engineer. Associated Members with following qualifications will be considered.

Associates (AIDCE)

Holding of recognized diploma, certificate or equivalent plus 5 years
Working experience, minimum 2 years working experience
Gained as a technician engineer, assistant engineer
Or assistant manager or equivalent.

Conduct of Members

To facilitate the advancement of the science of engineering by preserving the respect in which the community holds persons who are engaged in the practice of engineering, every member shall at all times so order his conduct as to uphold the dignity and reputation of the Institution, and act with fairness and integrity towards all persons with whom his work is connected and towards other members.

Every Corporate Member shall at all times so order his conduct as to uphold the dignity and reputation of his profession and to safeguard the public interest in matters of safety and health and otherwise. He shall exercise his professional skill and judgment to the best of his ability and discharge his professional responsibilities with integrity.

For the purpose of ensuring the fulfillment of the requirements clause mentioned above, but without prejudice to their generality, the Executive Committee may make, vary and rescind rules to be observed by members of any class with regard to their conduct in any respect which may be relevant to their positions or intended positions as members of the Institution and may publish directions or pronouncements as to specific conduct which is to be regarded as proper or as improper as the case may be.

Membership Subscriptions and Fees

Annual subscription should be made by members as following: (subject to changes)
Fellows (FIDCE)         :     HK$500
Members (MIDCE)     :    HK$400
Associates (AIDCE)    :    HK$300
Graduates (GIDCE)    :    HK$200
Students (SIDCE)       :     HK$100

*Starting from 1-1-2013, members will have to renew their membership on a 3 years basis.
IDCE reserves the right to accept or not accept any person as member.

Professional Competence Group
(You can choose up to 2 professions maximum)

Data Centre Design
Data Centre Installation
Data Centre Operation & Maintenance
Data Centre Project Management
Data Centre Green Energy
Data Centre Efficiency
Data Centre Commissioning
Data Centre Technology

Corporate Scheme

Organizations and companies, who major in providing Data Centre equipments, maintenance & operation, development, consultation, etc.; or those financial institutions / companies who are using Data Centre services, are highly recommended to join the Corporate Scheme. The scheme is designed to facilitate the corporate to sponsor their staff to join our training seminar / events in data centre. Corporate staff would gain better vision and wider exposure by joining IDCE and take advantages of our events and activities to keep abreast of the data centre industry development.

Organizations and companies can nominate up to 10 staff to be IDCEA members without additional charges. If more than 10 staff, the other staff can join enjoy the individual Full Membership with 20% discount.

If the nominated staff is going to resign, your company could nominate another staff to fill up the vacancy for the remaining valid period of the scheme. Meanwhile, the resigned staff could enjoy the membership continuously by paying the annual individual membership subscription.

The membership class of nominee will be examined by IDCE according to normal individual membership application procedures, which depends on his/her working experience, qualification, etc.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The professional training seminars, CDCDPTM and Data Centre Operation & Maintenance, are jointly organized with Hong Kong College of Engineering. They are the first kind in Hong Kong. They present your organisation the unique opportunity to showcase your group’s capabilities, innovations, technology solutions platforms products, services and brand name. Your group may also capture the interests and influence the decision of the key industry players through the whole sponsorship package:
Speaking Sessions
Promotional Materials
Other Customized Packages

How to join

Please complete the membership application form with your cheque and copy of CV, certificates and transcripts (for all individual members) and post to Institution of Data Centre Engineers.

Address: 3/F, Multifield Commercial Centre, 426 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3165 8069

Fax: (852) 2609 3708